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PF Bentley

Compression Session: Sorenson Squeeze 5 & Primatte Keyer 4
Compression Session: Things I'd Like to See at NAB
Compression Session: Pan and Scan on Still Photographs in Final Cut Pro: "Option-T" is Your Friend
Noise Removal Made Easy With Amadeus Pro
Compression Session
One Phone, One Earth, One Plan
Compression Session: Compressor 3, Elgato Turbo .264, and Smooth Cam
Compression Session: Lighting Nirvana, Custom XLR Cables, A Nifty Wireless Receiver Solution, An Update on Flicker Control And Edit Well
Observations From NAB 2007
Just Say.....Wait a Second
Compression Session: How to Achieve Movement on Still Photographs in FCP
Compression Session: How to Tame Those Flickering & Vibrating Still Photographs in FCP
Compression Session: Compression Programs for The Rich and The Indigent
Compression Session: Yes, I Do Windows
Compression Session: The Secrets to Great QuickTime Compression

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Jim Colburn

$1.28 A Freakin' Hour
I Have Seen the Future and It's Very, Very Crowded
Warning: Ethical Problems Ahead (Perhaps)
Bring Aspirin
Letters from Central America: "Taking A Chance"
If You're a Professional Photographer
Gee... Thanks...
Overcoming the Tyranny of the Right
Fun With PVC Piping...

Letters from Central America:
The Tyranny Of The Right

Platypus Workshop: Summer Camp 2006
Letters from Central America: Bags
Letters from Central America: It Ain't Dance Fever But...
Letters from Central America: Some things To Do In 2006
Letters from Central America: Some things To Do In 2006
Letters from Central America:
Watching A Master At Work

Letters from Central America:
Sports Geek? Concert Geek?

Letters from Central America:
Visa Pour L'Iver D'Amage

Letters from Central America:
Hey There Youngster, Let Me Give You A Few Little Pieces Of Advice.

Letters from Central America:
Nostalgia Bad

A Big Night
A Letter from Central America: So Near And Yet So Far
A Letter from Central America: Spoiled
A Letter from Central America: SOTU VS SOTS
A Letter from Central America
Not Yer Same Old Same Old
Tales From Central America: Diversity? My Assity
Jim Colburn In Central America: Doughnuts Rule
Moving To Central America
Get Real(istic)!
We're Screwed
If They Give You Grief, Tell 'Em About Gustave
Meat Cookies
Your Next Step Should Be A Fuzzy One
The End Of The World As We Know It
Ansel? Henri. Henri? Ansel.
Things I've Learned From The Movies and TV
Things I Learned On My Christmas Holiday
Invest in Tomorrow's Nostalgia Today!
The Joys of Progress
What They Don't Tell You at J-School
Losing the Magic
Dear Mr. Uberagentur
I Don't Mean to Sound Discouraging But...
We'll Always Be Able to Deduct Paris
Turn Your Camera Around for a Change
The Future of History
Oh, Those Wild and Crazy Frogs
Dealing With Morons
Proud of My Industry
Postcards From Waco
The Agency Game
An Amazing Month
Why Be Concerned?
What's in a Name?
What They Say vs. What They Mean
The Sliding Scale
I've Got Your Transition Problems Right Here!
What About OUR Needs?
Could the Olympics Be Any More Boring?
From Idiotville to Wanker's Corner
What's the Ponit?
Deeply Affected
LIFE Sucks, Then You Die
Road Trip
The Placebo Effect
Free Stuff
Lets Try and Help
Paging Jello Biafra
Some Things Every Photographer Must Do
Screw Black and White
Cheap SOB
Your Name Available Now! Only $75
Let's Kill All the Leica Collectors
Happy Freakin' Anniversary
Hey Monica, Thanks for the Work

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Jim Gabour

A Letter From New Orleans: Show Me Some ID So I Can Kill You
A Letter from New Orleans: Jesus Pulls a Right Cross
A Letter From New Orleans: Lessons in the Classics
A Letter From New Orleans
A Letter From New Orleans: Undercurrent
A Letter From New Orleans: So, You Ask, Just What Is This "Mojo"?
A Letter From New Orleans: Gandhi and Cocktails
This is Personal
A Letter From New Orleans: Cutting Loose
A Letter From New Orleans: Fais do-do
A Letter from New Orleans: A Song for the Kitchen, a Song for the Heart
A Letter from New Orleans: Heavy Mettle Report

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David Friend

The Re-Death of Life
Watching The World Change
JFK Jr.: The Man & the Lens
Cartier-Bresson’s Decisive Moment
The Big DDD - A Brief Appreciation
When Arnold Met Arafat
Chronicler of Cool
A War Waged in Images
Shakin' All Over
In Memoriam: Herb Ritts
A Day in the Life of A Day in the Life
Wynton & Nubar: Meditations in 'C'
575 Years and Cheers for Carl
Harry Benson: Fifty Years in Pictures
America's Darkest Day
New Chiselers at Corbis?
A Flag for Rosenthal
Dick Cheney's Aorta! Check It Out!
Trick or Treat
America's Favorite Party Photographer
The Black Slab - An Appreciation of James Nachtwey's "Inferno"
The Dirge
Eisenstaedt's Ode to Joy
Gates' Ladies
The Rights Policy From Hell
Photo Nosh Menu
Why Pictures Matter

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Marianne Fulton

Remembering Flip Schulke
Books for the Holidays
The Bizarre Story of Joe O'Donnell
The Inside Story and Classic Photos of UPI Newspictures

Images That Sell
Great Expectations
Publish or Perish
An Appreciation of Carl Mydans
Review of the "Requiem" project

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Dirck Halstead

What's New at NAB 2008
Commentary: The NAB Gets Real
Can You Shoot Stills and Video?
The NPPA Multimedia Immersion Workshop
Special Report: NAB 2007
How to Win or Lose an Election by Photo Op

After the Platypus,
the Deluge

Double Take: Photojournalists Revisit Vietnam
A Surprise From Long Ago and Far Away
Missed Communications
The Puzzling Case of Brian Storm
Remembering Carl Mydans
The Realities of Flying in the Post 9/11 World for Photographers
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

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Terry Heaton

Local Media in a Postmodern World: A Reasonable View of Tomorrow
Local Media in a Postmodern World: The Problem With Web Advertising
Local Media in a Postmodern World: It's Always About the Money
Local Media in a Postmodern World: The Public Journal
Local Media in a Postmodern World: It's Not the Same Game
Local Media in a Postmodern World: Embracing the (Real) Web
Local Media in a Postmodern World: A Broadcaster's Christmas Carol
Local Media in a Postmodern World: Creating Spectrum Within Spectrum
Local Media in a Postmodern World: Understanding the Yahoo! Consortium
TV News in a Postmodern World: News as a Commodity
TV News in a Postmodern World
TV News in a Postmodern World: To Brand or Not To Brand
TV News in a Postmodern World: World Links: The Currency of the Machine
TV News in a Postmodern World: Voyeurism - Journalism's 21st Century Crisis
TV News in a Postmodern World: The Local Web
TV News in a Postmodern World: Right Brain Renaissance
TV News in a Postmodern World: Local Television's Perfect Storm
TV News in a Postmodern World: 2007: The Battle For Local Supremacy
TV News in a Postmodern World:
The Transparency Marketplace

TV News in a Postmodern World:
Selling Against Ourselves

TV News in a Postmodern World: The Economy of Unbundled Advertising
TV News in a Postmodern World: Trusting the Audience and the Readers
TV News in a Postmodern World: The Unbundled Newsroom
TV News in a Postmodern World: 2006: The Unbundled Awakening
TV News in a Postmodern World
The Remarkable Opportunities of Unbundled Media

TV News in a Postmodern World:
The Jewel of the Elites

TV News in a Postmodern World: The Matter of "Getting It"
TV News in a Postmodern World:
Chaos at the door

TV News in a Postmodern World
Stations Must Embrace Personal Tools

TV News in a Postmodern World
The Convergence Advertising Trap

TV News in a Postmodern World The Devaluation of Information
TV News in a Postmodern World
Searching for the Bottom

TV News in a Postmodern World
Re-thinking News Promos

TV News in a Postmodern World: Convention versus the Internet
TV News in a Postmodern World: Overcoming Formula Addiction
TV News in a Postmodern World: 2005: A Year of Trouble for Broadcasters
TV News in a Postmodern World: Beyond Portal Websites
TV News in a Postmodern World: Local TV's New Deadlines
TV News in a Postmodern World: The Power of Attraction
TV News in a Postmodern World: The Value of Local Search
TV News in a Postmodern World: Beyond the World Wide Web
TV News in a Postmodern World: The Assumption of Trust
TV News in a Postmodern World: The Busine$$ of RSS
TV News in a Postmodern World: Argument Versus Objectivity
TV News in a Postmodern World: The Future Is Multimedia
TTV News in a Postmodern World: News Is A Conversation
TV News in a Postmodern World: 2004: Time For Action
TV News in a Postmodern World: TV's Four New Media Mistakes
TV News in a Postmodern World: The Live Coverage Revolution
TV News in a Postmodern World: The Live Coverage Revolution
TV News in a Postmodern World The Rise of the Independent Video Journalist
TV News in a Postmodern World Part II, The Case for MTV

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Peter Howe

Cornell Capa: First Steal a Chicken
Plagiarism in the Digital Age
Tell Me a Story
Heroes and Legends
Substance Abuse
Judgment Day
This Fear Factor
Views from Other Places
This I Believe
Go Ahead. Tax My Day
Getting to the Point
Lifting the Veil
Vive La Folie
The Perpignan Report

Time Gone By
But is it Journalism?
Patriot on Board
Fun, Fun, Fun, Shooting In The USA
Taking Care of Business
This Strange Craft
Thanks for the Memories
Where There's Life There's Coupons
An American Legend
The Uncivil War
The Death of a Famous Unknown
In Search of the Middle Way
Amateur Hour
Shock Treatment
What Goes Around Comes Around (including me)
The Plane Truth
Taking the Offensive
Business and Pleasure - Perpignan 2003
First Find an Audience
And Then There Were IX
The Perpignan Report
Mountain Light and Sporting Life
Don't Give the Customers What They Want
The View From the Rocking Chair
Morality Plays
The Right to Be There
The Truth of the Matter
Pickets on the Web
Stop The Parade
Corbis' Thanksgiving Turkey

The Rocky Road to Enlightenment

New York, New York

Against All Odds

To The Barricades, Comrades!
Talking 'Bout My Generation
Don't Steal This Arti©le
After the Fall
The Whispering Game
The Year of Thinking Negatively
Fear and Loathing in France
The Real Decisive Moment
The Second Going
Response to "The Vanishing Photographer"
So Many Photographs, So Few Icons
Wake Me After the Revolution
Following the Call
Beat Them At Their Own Game
Saving Photojournalism
A Master's Persistence

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Mark Loundy

Common Cents: Someone to Watch Over You (Not!)
Common Cents: Photo Credit
Common Cents: "The Perfect Storm"
Common Cents: Your Right$ Vs. Their Right$ Right?
Common Cents: On the Block
Common Cents: Getty: SOLD
Common Cents: For Rent
Common Cents: Common Cents: Dodoesque?
Common Cents: Angry Bees
Common Cents: Stick Together
Common Cents: Momentum
Common Cents: It Looks So Easy, It Must Be Cheap!
Common Cents: Don't Do It Yourself
Common Cents: Good Guys ... Bad Contract
Common Cents: Breaking Up
Common Cents: Traitors - The Fifth Column of Freelancing
Common Cents: Warm and Cozy
Common Cents: Resolutions
Common Cents
Common Cents:
Micro Stock

Common Cents:
The Sky is Falling!

Common Cents
Common Cents: Speculating
Common Cents: Pay Yourself
Common Cents: Friends and Enemies
Common Cents: It's About the Money (Duh!)
Common Cents: Crunching the Numbers
Common Cents: S.I.D.: Friend or Foe?
Common Cents: From the Loundy Files
Common Cents: Even more than one year later
Common Cents: One year later
Common Cents: Meaning what they say
Common Cents: Lowball
Common Cents: "You've gotta be nuts"
Common Cents: Carrying A Torch
Common Cents: Change
Common Cents: Give a man a fish...
Common Cents: Potpourri
Common Cents: Fear of Digital
Common Cents: Specializing
Common Cents: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Common Cents: Then They Came For Me
Common Cents: Mean Old Gray Lady
Common Cents: Educating the Wrong People
Common Cents: Deckchair Rearrangement
Common Cents: "II-B OR NOT II-B?"
Common Cents: A losing attitude
Common Cents: Wal*Martization
Common Cents: Romance and Double Duty
Common Cents: "The Greeders

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Bill Pierce

Nuts & Bolts, August 2008
Nuts & Bolts, July 2008
Nuts & Bolts, June 2008
Nuts & Bolts, May 2008
Nuts & Bolts, April 2008
Nuts & Bolts, March 2008
Nuts & Bolts, February 2008
Nuts & Bolts, December 2007
Nuts & Bolts, November 2007
Nuts & Bolts, October 2007
Nuts & Bolts, September 2007
Nuts & Bolts, August 2007
Nuts & Bolts, July 2007
Nuts & Bolts, June 2007
Nuts & Bolts: The ABCs of Bags, May 2007
Nuts & Bolts JPEGS vs. Raw, April 2007
Nuts & Bolts, March 2007
Nuts & Bolts Taking Pictures vs. Making Pictures
Nuts & Bolts
Nuts & Bolts
Archival Prints:
'Inkjet' No Longer a Dirty Word

Nuts & Bolts
Nuts and Bolts
Nuts & Bolts: Michael Evans
Nuts & Bolts: Yet Another Rant
Nuts & Bolts
Nuts & Bolts
Nuts & Bolts
Nuts & Bolts
A Rant about Professionalism, or Life in the Trenches
Nuts & Bolts
Nuts & Bolts
Nuts & Bolts
Nuts & Bolts: Dave, the Dog
Nuts & Bolts
Remembering Eddie
Nuts and Bolts
Nuts and Bolts
Nuts and Bolts
Nuts & Bolts
Nuts & Bolts
Nuts & Bolts
Street Shooting
Nuts & Bolts: Dry Digital Damps Down Darkroom - Maybe
Nuts & Bolts: Old Dogs
The Never Ending Diatribe of Digital vs. Film
Film vs. Digital
Learning the Craft
Creative Contrast Control
Printing Wet vs. Printing Dry
Shoot For Yourself
In Search of the Perfect Camera Bag
Do You Use a Saw or a Hammer?
A New Year's Rant
Analog and Not Journalistic At All
Motorized Moments
Some Randon Thoughts
If Its' Not News, Maybe It's Art
8/01 No Revolutions Here
7/01 Between the Battle Lines
6/01 The Courage Contest
5/01 The Digital Dilemma
Burk Uzzle's Letter
Nothing to Say
The Test of Time
Leicas for Lefties
Tell Your Own Story
Goodbye, Photographer's Place
Darkroom Techniques for Electronic Shooters
The Zen of Camera Bags
A Thank You
An Occasional Incident
Sharp as a Razor
Walker Evans
For the Darkroomless...
Remembering Eisie
Less Equipment, More Freedom
Travels With Marilyn
Nikon Coolpix 950 Review
An Indecent Proposal
The Heavy Load
Print Permanence
Not About Taking Photographs
An Oldie, but...
Setting Your Sites
Nuts & Bolts
Hot Lights
Books That Teach
Darkroom on a Desktop
New York Photography
Shooting the Stage
Reflections on Carl Mydans
The Eye of the Photographer
The Man With Two Brains
Old Friends and New Equipment

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Roger Richards

View from the Photo Desk:
A Q&A With Photographer Chris Jordan

We're Back!
View from the Photo Desk: Q&A with photographer Ernesto Bazan
View from the Photo Desk: Q&A With Alec Soth of Magnum Photos
View from the Photo Desk: Luc Delahaye
View from the Photo Desk
The Media Circus Comes to Town
Lest We Forget
View From the City Desk

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Karen Slattery and Mark Doremus and Erik Ugland

Ethics: No Small Matter
Ethics: Photojournalist - Know Thyself
The High Price of Ethics
Ethics: Good Reputations Don't Come Cheap
Ethics: No Good Reason to Duck and Cover
Ethics: Talk the Talk
Ethics: In Whose Interest?
Ethics: Bad News
The Changing Problem of a Journalist's Loyalty
Josh Wolf:
My Response to The Digital Journalist

We Need To Talk...

Some Things Never Change
Ethics: Fewer 'Journalists,' More 'Professionals'
Third-Party Content Needs More Scrutiny

The Truth and Nothing But the Truth
Digital Editing: It's Time to Tell All
Are These Victims Worthy?
Actually, There Is No Line...
The Ethics of Staging
Journalism Ethics in Wartime

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Steven Trent Smith

High Def Musings

DV Progress - Random Interim Thoughts
I Got the Gotcha Gun Blues
Musings on DV
Panasonic DVX100 Camcorder
Canon GL2 Review
PMP Preamp Review by Martha Smith
They Don't Make Them Like They Used To
Viva DV
Taking the HDTV Plunge
HDTV Again
Our Times
The More Things Change...
There's No Bsiness Like
the News Business

Critical Listening by Martha Smith
The Wanna-Have's by Martha Smith
The Must-Have's by Martha Smith
Video Lighting - Part Four
Video Lighting - Part Three
Video Lighting - Part Two
Video Lighting - Part One
Review - Camera Bags and Boxes
Review - The Sony PD150 and VX2000
Big Results with Little Cameras
All the Support You'll Ever Need
Travels with Binky
Support Accessories for Digital Camcorders
Accessories for Digital Cameras
From Film to DV

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Beverly Spicer

E-Bits August 2008: E-Bits: Perfect Days
E-Bits July 2008: Everything Is Everything
E-Bits June 2008: Synchronicities, Chain Reactions and Magic Without Magic
E-Bits May 2008: The Press for Truth
E-Bits April 2008: War, War and More War: the Best and Worst of Times
E-Bits March 2008: Yesterday, Yesterday and Yesterday: Crept in a Petty Pace from Day to Day
E-Bits February 2008: Two Tragedies...Not!
E-Bits December 2007: The Decisive Moment May Be a Blur
E-Bits November 2007: Right Brain, Left Brain and Perceptual Illusions
E-Bits October 2007: Myanmar - Citizen Journalists
E-Bits September 2007: Back to Basics
E-Bits July 2007: Plus C'est la Propaganda
E-Bits June 2007: What's It All About?
E-Bits May 2007: Transformation
E-Bits April 2007: Technotopia
E-Bits March 2007: And Things Not Yet Invented
E-Bits February 2007: Winds of Change
E-Bits January 2007: Perspectives
E-Bits December 2006: ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL
E-Bits November 2006: STRANGE LOVE or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love to Shop
E-Bits October 2006: Curiouser and Curiouser
E-Bits September 2006: Snakes in Our Psyche
E-Bits August 2006: War Is Hell And So Is The News
E-Bits July 2006: Waking Up
E-Bits June 2006: Death of a Poet
E-Bits May 2006: Interesting Times
E-Bits April 2006: O, What a Tangled Web
E-Bits March 2006: A Wild Ride to We-Can-Too
E-Bits February 2006: Reality, Inventiveness and Moonwalking
E-Bits January 2006: Putting the Happy in Happy New Year
E-Bits December 2005: No Escape
E-Bits November 2005: Equanimity
E-Bits October 2005: The Gulf
E-Bits September 2005: Katrina
E-Bits August 2005: It's Subjective, So You Decide
E-Bits July 2005: The Future and Reality
E-Bits June 2005: Nomadic Imagination
E-Bits May 2005: Nomads in Cyberspace
E-Bits April 2005: All Is Temporal
E-Bits March 2005: Fleeting Moment
E-Bits February 2005: Talent
E-Bits January 2005: Tsunami: We Are All Witnesses
E-Bits December 2004: Who's Sorry Now?
E-Bits November 2004: Outrage or Oblivion
E-Bits October 2004: More Bull
E-Bits September 2004: "Vat I Cannot Say Vith Foto"
E-Bits August 2004: Bull Run and Ghost Town
E-Bits July 2004: Song and Sidewalk Art
E-Bits June 2004: Skateboarding Bulldog and Other Rare Things

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Ron Steinman

Context Local Rules, or Should TV News in the Future "Standard Operating Procedure": A Critique -30- Light Speed Debate Cosmetics Political Junkie Heaven Robert Capa's Lost Negatives An Update
Digital Forensics An Interview with Dr. Hany Farid
Reading the War: Any War A Meditation
The Situation Room
Impressions: The 2007 Online News Association Convention, Toronto
Politics and The New Front Porch
A Shooter: Henry Burroughs
Do Not Connect Me, Please.
James Nachtwey: TED Prize
Peek-A-Boo, I See You
News from the Photo Agencies
The Age of Manipulation
The Libby Trial – Another Country
Pencils Don't Win Wars
Tet and Iraq: A Corrective
The Battle for the Evening News
Or a String of Pearls

Sunday Morning Suits
Going to War
Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Impassioned Eye
Reuven Frank:
Some Things I Remember

Why I Write for The Digital Journalist
Two Sides of a Coin: Brian Williams and Ted Jackson
The Debate
The Quiet Anger of Paul Fusco
What is Wrong With This Picture?
Neil Davis: A Remembrance
Mockumentary Flap
A Modest Proposal
Celebrity Journalism and Other Corruptions
"First Seen"
Home Invasion
Twenty-One Minutes - Part 2
Twenty-One Minutes - Part 1
Caught in the Act
Don't Give Up Your Day Job
Mea Culpa
The Compassion of Eddie
Anchors Away: The Debate Debacle
Once Upon a Time in New York: "Magnum's New Yorkers"
Control Room
Stories you Might have Missed
Novels of War
Pet Peeve
Virtual News from the D.O.D
All Columns Lead to Iraq
Rough Justice - From a Reporter's Notebook
From a Reporter's Notebook
Datelines and Bylines
Photo Op

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Chuck Westfall

Tech Tips, August 2008
Tech Tips, July 2008
Tech Tips, June 2008
Tech Tips, May 2008
Tech Tips, April 2008
Tech Tips, March 2008
Tech Tips, February 2008
Tech Tips, December 2007
Tech Tips, November 2007
Tech Tips, October 2007
Tech Tips, September 2007
Tech Tips, August 2007
Tech Tips, July 2007
Tech Tips, June 2007
Tech Tips, May 2007
Tech Tips, April 2007
Tech Tips, March 2007
Tech Tips, Feb 2007
Tech Tips, Jan 2007
Tech Tips, Dec 2007
Tech Tips, Nov 2006
Tech Tips, Oct 2006
Tech Tips, April 2006
Tech Tips, March 2006
Tech Tips, February 2006
Tech Tips, January 2006
Tech Tips, December 2005
Tech Tips, November 2005
Tech Tips, October 2005
Tech Tips, September 2005
Tech Tips, August 2005
Tech Tips, July 2005
Tech Tips, June 2005
Tech Tips, May 2005

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Don Winslow

From The Mouths Of The Masters, A Deeper Truth
Tragedy, Politics, Race & Photojournalism
NPPA Board: Budget, Officers and Awards
Peter Turnley's Photo-Essays To Debut In Harper's Magazine

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