Award Night For Todd

By Jim Colburn September 9th, 2006

Last night was a good one if your name was Todd or if you knew someone at AFP, Corbis or Getty.
If your name was Todd Heisler you approached the VIP entrance
with family and friends like M/M J.P.Pappis (Polaris), your lovely wife and your ever-so-supportive boss (Rocky Mountain News DOP Janet Reeves).
You sat down to watch the evening’s show, listen to some music that you haven’t heard before and wait until that Academy Award moment when “the winner is”… turned out to be you.
Then it’s a short jog to the stage to meet jury president (and former London Sunday Times Picture Editor) Michael Rand, get your 2006 Visa D’Or award in the Magazine category, and then back to your seat.

As he is a newspaper staffer it may seem a bit odd that Todd won in the mag category but since the Rocky Mountain News’ European circulation is probably in the single digits (there have to be five or six people that leave a copy in the seat-back pocket of flights from Denver to Frankfurt) it was through the efforts of Todd’s agents at Polaris that his work was seen all over the world. So now Todd is an award-winning magazine photographer as well as an award-winning magazine photographer and I’m sure that his wife still has to bug him to take out the garbage on pick-up day.

If you know someone, or know someone that knows someone, at Agence France Presse or Getty Images you can go to the Panoramique bar, high (seventh floor) atop the Palais des Congres in Perpignan to suck down some wine and eat some nice food. The view is to die for and the scene like something out of a European movie.
You’ll meet charming people like AFP’s Sue Williams
and people like this man. His name is Manoocher Degahati and he’s in the process of setting up an editorially independent photo agency ( for the United Nations’ Humanitarian Affairs Office. It’s based in Nairobi, Kenya and he’ll be hiring freelancers around the world. Bug him, not me.

Corbis’ party, hosted by Guy Cooper, their “Gloabal Director of Photography” (that’s what the card says… A mistake? I don’t think so), was a lower key event. It was held after the Campo Santo show at a wonderful Moroccan restaurant. The rose was excellent and the lemon chicken with couscous divine.
The table with the greatest potential and the noisiest output was the one over in the corner were Michael Brown, Chris Maluszynski, Carlos Cazalalis, Marvi Lacar, Ben Lowy and Ryan Pyle insisted on wearing hats and making toasts to non-existent gods. A hoot.

The week’s best pick-up line so far?
It’s partly visual so bear with me. You extend your index finger as does the object of your desire. You touch finger-tip to finger-tip. You look into their eyes and say, with all due humility, “This is the finger that pushed the shutter that took the picture that shook the world”.,.

Tonight’s “Midnight At The Café De La Poste” photo features

Radhika Chalasani, Robin Maddock, Michael Grieve and Alix Fazzina. Robin and Michael thought that the “terrorist chic” thing would help them meet women and it looks like they were right.

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