Last Night

By Jim Colburn September 10th, 2006

Last night was the last night. Of the 18th Visa Pour L’Image at least.

Since I wanted to take my wife out for a nice meal I skipped the slide show at Campo Santo and found a great little place called Osmoses on the Rue des Cardeurs. Calling this a rue is probably over doing at but maybe the French don’t have a word for tiny-little-passage-way-connecting-two-slightly-bigger-passage-ways.

They don’t let space go to waste in Perpignan. Got a street that’s eight feet wide or so? One with very little traffic? Need some extra table space on a summer night? Voila. The street is now the main dining room.

Visa is not only something for photographers. It’s also very much a community event for the citizens of Perpignan. They can apply for and get tickets to see the evening’s slide shows at Campo Santo but a few short blocks away at the Place Gambetta the city and Visa set up a public viewing area with wide projections screens, decent sound and a live feed of the event.
It makes for a pleasant evening to sit in the square to watch the show,
sit in a near-bye restaurant and pretend to watch the show,
or just hang out at the peripheries and catch a few minutes as you happen by.

The big event on Saturday night is the party sponsored by Canon and held at the Convent des Minimes. Oh how the nuns of yesterday would be shocked by the flow of free champagne in the outer courtyard or the throb of music coming from the courtyard inside.
I spent most of my time at the party/rave wandering around shooting video so my plan for the moment is something along the lines of “Photographers Gone Wild”. But rest assured that
whatever happens in Perpignan, stays in Perpignan.

Tonight’s “Midnight At The Café De La Poste” photo features:
not much. Everyone has headed over to the Convent for the party. It’s free. The drinks are free. What do you think we are, stupid?

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