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By Jim Colburn September 8th, 2006

Q: Do Audi dealers in France make their customers pass an Asshole Test before handing over the keys to a new A4?
A: There’s nothing on Audi’s web site that says this is company policy, but seeing Audis scream by at unnecessary speeds while weaving in and out of traffic seems to suggest that this is, at least, unofficial Audi policy.

Q: Will my little Fluffy enjoy the news and music on the CATRADIO station?
A: Only if she understands the Catalan language. It’s spoken by many in Perpignan as this is a part of Catalonia, (which stretches down the coast to Barcelona).

Q: What is it with French anyway? It’s like they have a different word for everything….
A: Drink your pastis and shut up.

Q: What is that gorgeous little camera over there? I haven’t seen anything like it before.
A: That’s a cell phone. It has a built in 3 megapixel camera and can hold the images on SD cards. Some times it even works as a phone.

Q: A two parter. Who got a standing ovation on Thursday night at the slide show and who has the biggest cojones in town?
A: Same answer for both questions. Russian photographer Igor Kostin. He was the first photographer on the scene the day of the disaster at Chernobyl and has been going back for years to document the clean up and the aftermaths of the spread of radiation. Stunning work.

Q: Does everyone use email these days?
A: Former Life Magazine editor John Morris does (center, above) but David Douglas Duncan does not. Apple has set up twelve machines so that people can check their email and I’d like to thenk the Apple folks for being so helpful, but last year’s open WiFi system at the Palais du Congres was a much better idea. Everyone has a laptop, all we need is a signal.

Q: Can I get someone to look at my work while I’m at Perpignan?
A: Stand in line at the Magnum booth and you could get your portfolio reviewed by people like David Alan Harvey (above) or Paul Fusco. There are ediors all over town. Your job is to figure out which of the thousands of people here is an editor. Hint: Bring two portfolios. Show the B&W version to the European agencies and the Color one to anyone else.

Q: How is Horst Faas doing these days?
A: Rollin’ with the homies by the looks of things. He makes Marianne Fulton smile.

Q: Who would be the least interested in my three-year project on the effects of soil erosion on the people of the steppes of Western China?
A: Probably the folks at the Splash News photo agency. But damn it, if you manage to get a picture of Mel Gibson doing something untoward or a Katie Curic dress malfunction I’m sure they’d be REAL glad to talk to you about it.

Q: What annoyed Elliot Erwitt when he saw the exhibits?
A: That would probably be Eric Baudelaire’s war photos set in Iraq. Very big and very sharp, but since it was taken in Los Angeles on a film set using actors it ain’t really a war photo. Mr. Erwitt called it a fake picture and didn’t appreciate the fact that it was on display in the same place as the work of Henri Huet, Stanley Greene and… Elliot Erwitt.

Q: Why does Erwitt take so many pictures of dogs?
A: They don’t ask for prints.

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