Body at home, Mind in Perpignan

By Beverly Spicer September 11th, 2007

A grueling 30-hour ordeal brought me back to Texas, and my major complaint was that it was way too soon to leave France, Perpignan, and the festival. It took a few days to get truly oriented, to find our way around the paths in the Centre de Ville and the streets of Perpignan and surrounding area, so it was a shame for it to be over just as it seemed it had truly begun. I stayed in a nearby town which is really out in the countryside called Espira de l’Agly at the B&B of a British couple named Kevin and Maggie Kennedy.
Kevin was a gourmet chef in London before he retired and says he wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world but France. Since they have a steady stream of intriguing international visitors, returning nightly from the festival brought on a whole new hour or two of festivities out in their courtyard. They even have a big old sweet dog, so it is very homey there. Look at these two who met at the Mas de Las Guilles, I’m sure one of the friendliest bed and breakfast places around.
I made a post earlier in this blog from the internet cafe in town, but at the time was unable to upload any photos. Check out the blog “Saturday,” 3rd down in the line-up, which now has a some images from the night presentions attached.

Using the computer anywhere in town was easy enough on battery power, but free air connections were impossible to find. In addition to the non-working one in the PAMS, there was one on the 7th floor of the Palais Congres. Everyone meets outside the castle at the Cafe de la Cite in the evenings, and one evening while others were getting pleasantly schnockered, I was typing away on the blog and wanting air. Here’s a photo from Dirck Halstead, recording that event. On the left is Joan Gramatte who was with our entourage the whole time. She has a fantastic and most bizarre sense of humor and we regularly exploded into uncontrollable laughter. I noticed the French loved to see us laughing, and we didn’t even have to try not to disappoint.
It is now Tuesday, September 11, which is an awful thought in itself, but on a more immediate level, jet lag is causing me to sign off until later. More to follow.

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