Dejeuner au campagne avec les photographes

By Beverly Spicer September 7th, 2007

dejeuner-au-campagne.jpgVisa Pour L’Image Director Jean Francois Leroy hosted a classic French country luncheon at the exclusive Mas Chabry Restaurant near Perpignan for the twenty-nine photojournalists exhibiting at the festival. Wine flowed like blood in the French Revolution and homemade fois gras was served with barbequed lamb and couscous, followed by mousse au chocolat and French framboise, all prepared by Chef Jean-Michel Sarrobert.
David Gutenfelder of AP, Magnum’s Jane Evelyn Atwood, Carolyn Cole of the LA Times and NYT photographer Tyler Hicks gathered around the buffet spread.

Jane Evelyn Atwood, Jean-Francois Leroy, Magnum photographer Dennis Stock, author Susan Richards, and Paul Fusco of Magnum for a little apres dejeuner tete a tete.

The photographers reverted to newsgatherers as they watched le chat du maison being chased into a tree by le chien du maison.
LA Times photographer Carolyn Cole turned her attention from food to breaking news.

Carolyn told us, “I’m not typically a wildlife photographer, but who can resist a cat stuck in a tree? We tried to rescue her, but she didn’t want to come down, and instead stayed up there for the whole lunch.” It sounds like the cat knew what she was doing, however, because a little later she attracted wildlife heavy Paul Nicklen from National Geographic.

All photographs by Dirck Halstead.

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