We converge on the city of Perpignan and the festival Visa Pour L’Image

By Beverly Spicer September 4th, 2007

rue-emile-zola.jpgAfter much ado and some confusion, we converge on the city of Perpignan and the festival Visa Pour L’Image. Dirck and Joan Gramatte arrived from New York at Charles de Gaulle Airport and immediately endured a 4 hour wait due to un petit bomb threat. Someone had left an unattended bag nearby. I arrived from Texas also at Charles de Gaulle, and ran as fast as humanly possible to the next gate for my flight to Montpellier, but was not allowed on the plane because boarding was already completed, and so also had a 4 hour complication.
Today, we have all registered for the festival at the Hotel PAMS and have figured out our phones and finally found internet connections that work. The exhibition of Dirck’s retrospective MOMENTS IN TIME is just nearby, and he has had interviews this morning and all afternoon.

Here I sit on the marble floor in the hallway outside the registration office and garden meeting spot at the PAMS beginning my blog. The corners of this hallway have electricity so we can recharge while blogging. There are three of us on the floor at the moment, and I notice how close one begins to feel with perfect strangers sitting side by side on a cold floor, plugged into an electrical outlet like piglets sucking the teat of their mother. We are hopelessly dependent upon technology. Viva technologie!!
beverly-blogging-with.jpgYou’re going to have to pardon my French though my accent is good enough that after a simple request I am often mistaken for a native. However, the expression on my face when my respondent launches into a barrage of complex words is enough to expose me completely. Fortunately, everyone has a sense of humor and there is mercy. Making ridiculous mistakes is the only way to get better, but we are reminded how important the language barrier is, and if you want to go to the bathroom, you’d better know what you’re talking about. I should have brought a book with me that I bought recently about life as a foreign correspondent, “Anybody Here Been Raped and Speak English?” by Edward Behr. The title is even more hilarious today than a few weeks ago when I bought the book.

Suddenly those of us on the floor are experiencing a weak internet signal, so my attempts to upload anything have now been foiled. The time on my computer says 11:13 AM, but for me here in Perpignan on this cold floor waiting for mother’s milk in the form of a wireless connection, it is 5:13 PM. So, I will check back later to see if I can connect.

It is now 45 minutes later, and all those trying to connect have abandoned the teat. Now it is all mine, and so, here I post our first experiences in Perpignan. New problems never cease, and at the moment we have an image problem with the server, so, images will follow soon, we hope.

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