Perpignan 2008 Thursday September 4

By Beverly Spicer September 5th, 2008

It is Friday morning now and I’ve awakened to a cool breeze here at the beach in Canet, just a few kilometres outside of Perpignan. Many festival goers stay here along a strip by the beach, so we have the double pleasure of enjoying the ocean as well as exploring the festival. I’m not quite sure why, but this year I am more aware of the sheer magnitude of this event, and find myself wanting to know more about how it all got started in the first place. This year is the 20th anniversary of Visa Pour L’Image, so there is much celebration going on.

National Geographic held its annual party starting about 6:30pm and along with a sardine-like press of people socializing in the courtyard of Saint Jean Cathedral, there were also icons of the industry in attendance. David Douglas Duncan and his beautiful wife were here again, and sitting along the side being visited by many was John G. Morris, who says at 91 he is 6 months younger than Duncan. It feels great to have these kind of masters coming out to attend such an event, and I marveled at how much stamina they exhibited. Here are a few photos from that very lively event, with faces you’ll recognize as National Geographic celebrated 20 years of Visa Pour L’Image.

I’m using Safari and for some reason, my media-add function is acting up. I have no idea what thispost will look like on other browsers, but hopefully, you’ll get the idea.

20th Anniversary Cake

20th Anniversary cake

Jean Francois LeRoy, Director of Visa Pour L’Image

John G. Morris with David Douglas Duncan

The icons converse

Dennis Dimick, the “Al Gore of National Geographic”

National Geo’s Gina Martin, foreground/Dir. of Photography David Griffin, center

 Stefani Sinclair of VII, left, winner of CARE International Humanitarian Award

  Maggie Steber

Smithsonian’s Molly Roberts and Maggie Steber

David Alan Harvey and Michael Rand

More later about Le Soiree. -30-


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