Sights de Perpignan on Friday

By Beverly Spicer September 6th, 2008

Palais des Congres, with seminars, technical exhibits

Palais des Congres

Afghani photographer Abdullah Zaheeruddin and Getty photographer John Moore

Photographers Abdullah Zaheeruddin and John Moore

WaPo Sarah Voison and photographer Karen Ballard

Brian Storm

Brian Storm

Fountains of the Palais des Congres

Security is high and so is everybody else

Security is high and so is everybody else

Un cafe before the Soiree

Dining in the streets

Crowd waiting to enter Campo Santo

Crowd gathers for Soiree at Campo Santo

Soiree Presentation/The Legacy of Chernobyl

Soiree Presentation

Earthquake in China

The Poor in Belgium/Stefan Vanfleteren

Soiree Presentation/The Poor in Belgium

Soiree Presentation

Peoples of the Orno Valley

Children of Kabul/Laurent Van der Stockt

Soiree Presentation/Children of Kabul

Soiree Presentation

Gun Nation

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