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Photograph by David Rubinger

On the first day of the Six Day War, I was in a half-track with General Israel Tal's division. As we headed for Rafiah through the Gaza Strip, an Egyptian truck ahead of us was hit by an Israeli plane. The picture of the flaming truck and the dead soldier best told the story that Israel and Egypt were again at war. TIME used it as the background for its Six Day War cover that featured a portrait of Defense Minister Moshe Dayan, and LIFE printed it over a double-page.

In another armored column, racing parallel to us toward Gaza, was LIFE's star photographer Paul Schutzer. Paul and I had a bet going that the first one to get a LIFE cover out of the war would buy champagne. Luck was against him. Heading towards Gaza, Paul's half-track sustained a direct hit. I won the bet but there was no one to buy champagne for.

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