Photograph by Eli Reed / Magnum
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Film Director John Singleton and Tyra Banks in Los Angeles. Tyra asked me to do a studio session with her. John arrived from a day of editing 'Higher Learning' during the crew day's off sitting patiently for me to finishing shooting with Tyra. I moved the studio shooting location to the bath room area which I thought was interesting. I thought about asking John and Tyra to pose for a portrait of them together. Before I had the chance to ask, John looked up at me and suggested a portrait. He read my mind on how I wanted to do the portrait. I have worked with John on every movie he has directed since 'Poetic Justice' which includes 'Higher Learning', 'Rosewood', and now 'Shaft.' I guess that is what separates normal people from very serious directors who see the things that make images something interesting and special.

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