Bill Pierce

A Thank You

This is not really a column, but a thank you note. 

Since the beginning of The Digital Journalist, I have written several columns that included my elderly German shepherd, Marilyn. I received a lot of email after I wrote about her adventures in a doggy intensive care unit, and even more when I wrote about how similar traveling across country with her and traveling on a presidential campaign bus were. continued>>

Amy Bowers

If Things
Could Talk

Stuff was missing, important stuff. Secrets were missing from a vault at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Nuclear weapons design secrets. Codes to dismantle bombs - not just our bombs, but foreign weapons and terrorist's  arsenals. 

How could that be? continued>>

Jim Colburn

What's The Point?
Is there a point to political conventions? Is it really necessary for the Democrats and Republicans to gather together to wheel, deal and vote? Nope. Not a chance. There hasn't been more than one ballot for about 30 years. Everything's decided during the primary season so that actual delegate count could be done via email, or in the case of certain backward states, the telephone. So why, pray tell, does it still happen? continued>>