Jim Colburn
Don't Ask

"From Idiotville to
Wankers Corner"

Inspiration is sometimes hard to come by.

The ideal inspiration is usually the promise of a large wad of cash after a completed assignment, but sometimes, usually during the summer months, that sort of inspiration doesn't come as often as it should. It can be hard to drag yourself out of bed if there's nothing to photograph.

May I suggest a road trip. A road trip with a theme. A weird theme, but a theme. You can search for cement cows, giant hot dogs, underground churches or ghost towns but what about towns with funny names? You'll get at least two good pictures for your efforts, one at the start and one at the finish. If you go slowly enough you're bound to see something interesting along the way, eat in some funky restaurants and meet some people worth photographing.

How about a trip from Idiotville, Oregon to Wankers Corner, Oregon just south of Portland? Imagine explaining that to your friends and your boss. Try doing it with a straight face.

Into politics? What about George, Washington to Lincoln (Nebraska)?

Just starting out in the celebrity game? A trip from Drew, Louisiana to Barrymore, Idaho might be in order. Or Brad (Texas) to Pitt (Kansas). Elizabeth to Taylor (both in Arkansas).

Are you convinced that your college years were the best? How about Bummerville, CA to Trippville, Wisconsin via High, Texas? Be careful what you bring along.

Whoopee Hill, Kentucky to Cushion, Alabama in search of the ultimate party joke?

Do a European tour without ever leaving the lower 48. Amsterdam (Montana) to Madrid, Iowa) to Rome (Kansas) to Paris (Texas to Berlin (Arkansas) and beyond.

You can even go to Hell (California) and Back (Texas) without risking eternal damnation (Damnation Peak, California).

Me? I'm going to plot a route from Colburn (Idaho) to Colburn (Indiana) via Colburn (Nebraska) and Colburn (Wisconsin). It's a 2300 mile journey that'll at least result in enough good material for next year's Christmas cards. Maybe I'll bring along a telescope to view Uranus (the planet) from Mianus (Connecticut).

You, on the other hand, should start on top of Camera Hill in Maine and head for Photographer's Point in Wyoming. Bring your camera and some good walking shoes, Photographer's Point is over 10,000 feet high. Probably some very nice scenery.

Before you go make sure you've done your Billing (Pennsylvania), received the necessary Payment (Michigan) and taken your Money (Mississippi) to the Bank (New Hampshire) so you can afford the Gasoline (Texas) for your trip.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed are barely my own much less my employer's so don't blame Time Magazine, Time Inc. or Time-Warner for anything written here. Blame Newsweek.


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