Bill Pierce

The Zen of
Camera Bags

When I first started doing a lot of air travel as a photographer, I bought suitcases for all my Haliburton camera cases. I went to the local dime store and bought four of the worst, cheapest suitcases I could find. The terrible fabric exteriors were backed with cardboard. The suitcases had all the protective abilities of a grocery bag. But that didn't matter. The Haliburtons went inside the suitcases. continued>>

Amy Bowers

The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick

I should rent the movie with the provocative title, The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick, because I love the concept of the Goaltender poised for a shot-on-goal.I was reminded of the goalie's anxiety when my friend Holly Sweet phoned while packing her audio gear for Montana, where she would be working the wildfires for CBS News. continued>>

Jim Colburn

From Idiotville to Wankers Corner

Inspiration is sometimes hard to come by.The ideal inspiration is usually the promise of a large wad of cash after a completed assignment, but sometimes, usually during the summer months, that sort of inspiration doesn't come as often as it should. It can be hard to drag yourself out of bed if there's nothing to photograph. continued>>

Roger Williams

Upgrading your Short-Range Communications Equipment

Several years ago as the FRS (Family Radio Service) band, short-range radios were being introduced, Radio Corner published a review of the equipment available at that time, and rated the various models. Since then, a number of improvements have been made within the parameters of short-range communications gear. Therefore, a new review might be helpful to those users not getting the range desired. continued>>

Tom Hubbard

Photos by the Pound
It's time we stepped back for a better perspective on photojournalism. It's an individual art existing in a corporate environment. Throughout the industrial - commercial world, workers try to introduce some creativity into their routine activities while photojournalists have the opposite problem. Photojournalists are in a creative occupation, working under pressure to routinize their work. This is difficult because the photographer's mind, psyche and wherewithal are in their images. A photo is unique and will always be a part of the photographer. continued>>