Bill Pierce

Darkroom Tips for
Electronic Shooters

When I first started doing a lot of air travel as a photographer, I bought suitcases for all my Haliburton camera cases. I went to the local dime store and bought four of the worst, cheapest suitcases I could find. The terrible fabric exteriors were backed with cardboard. The suitcases had all the protective abilities of a grocery bag. But that didn't matter. The Haliburtons went inside the suitcases. continued>>

Amy Bowers

It's a Small Town

"You're free," said Wen Ho Lee's attorney, as they walked out of the federal courtroom in Albuquerque, New Mexico. "Sign my shirt!" asked a man with a felt pen, and the attorney obliged as the wispy nuclear scientist, now a convicted felon, smiled shyly. continued>>

Roger Williams

Metal Detecting
The Hunt For
Gold and Weapons

Metal detectors are devices which electronically generate signals that power a transmitting antenna, sending an electromagnetic field into an area within range of the detector. This range depends upon the strength and force of the signal. The stronger the force of the signal the longer the range. Different types of detectors are manufactured for different applications. The detector is a reporting device, alerting the user that there is a metal of some type present within the transmission field of the unit. continued>>

Jim Colburn

Could The Olympics
Be Any More Boring?

I mistakenly thought that since Sydney was 15 hours ahead of the East Coast that NBC would be able to strip out the fluff and show lots of hard core sporting events. Semis and finals, track and field, bursts of speed and shows of endurance. They'd can all those 10 minute pieces that tell the sad, sad tale of how poor Yuri was raised by wolves in the steppes of Russia and has only recently learned to speak in complete sentences but Lordy how he can run... continued>>