Bill Pierce

Photographer's Place

A lot of small, independent bookstores that deal in out-of-print and rare books (in addition to current publications) are closing shop thanks to higher rents they can't justify, and competition from large chain stores. But I'm a photographer, illiterate to the core. And I didn't care until recently. continued>>

Amy Bowers

Thanks for Listening

I hate myself, I really do. I hate when I accept a bad assignment. I took a crummy assignment and now I'm stuck with it.Here are things I feel fine about doing, while on assignment: I feel fine about driving on the sidewalk. I feel okay about saying: "THEY told me to park here," and then parking wherever I feel like it. continued>>

Steve Smith

Video Lighting
Part One

Folks just moving into video often ask, "What kind of lights should I buy?" Yoicks, what a loaded question. "It all depends," say I. It depends on the type of work they want to do, on the style they'll use, and most importantly, on the amount they want to spend, for lighting kits can make a major budgetary dent. continued >>>