Quotations from Church Members:

On being a witness for Jesus: It is my job to witness, but the Lord also told us that if they don't want to hear it, shake the dust off your feet and keep on going to the next person. But if they say something to me, like if we're sitting at the lunch table, I can give you an instance. We were talking about coming to Friendship, and one of the girls said, 'I'm not going over there with those hypocrites. I know all about that church.' And I said, 'Well, okay, if that's the way you feel about it. I respect your feelings. But why don't you come and find out for yourself?' She was one of them that did come on Sunday. And when we got back to work, I asked her how she liked the service. And she said, 'I was so wrong. I was so wrong.' She even apologized. She said it was so warm and loving here, and she's coming back. -Sister M. F., 30 years old