Quotations from Church Members:

On seeing an angel: I was little. My mom had breast cancer. She wouldn't stay in the hospital. So, she came home. I kept worrying about her, but she would just tell me it would be okay. And then she got to the point where she couldn't talk and do nothing but lay in bed. One night, I came home from a skating party, and I saw her laying there dead. I just started crying. My family was there trying to comfort me, and what I did was I ran into my room and closed my door and locked it. Then, I saw an angel. I saw an angel fly out of my room. My family was trying to break down the door, and when they broke it down I was leaning back and falling. I said to my auntie, 'Don't you see that? Don't you see that thing flying around?' She said no, but I was still seeing it. I went outside and jumped over a fence. And I was saying, 'Don't you see that?' I saw it for about two more minutes, and then it just went straight up in the air. -Brother P. W., 17 years old