Quotations from Church Members:

On the importance of family: I am no perfect kid. I've been in some trouble. But it is family that helps you deal with that trouble. Like when I came back to Indianapolis when my mom died, I was a nervous wreck. No one could understand me. I disrespected people. I didn't want to be here. I thought my family was against me because of the controversial issues that were going back and forth between my mom's family and my father's family. I didn't think anybody had my back. I didn't think nobody loved me, so I wouldn't give them a chance either. So, my family had to squeeze their love into me and try to help me out. Now, I believe that what is keeping me away from the crowd and being in jail is my family. They don't go around me. They just go straight in it. I have the best family in the world. They will tell me when I am wrong, and they still fight for me when I am wrong. They have my back to the fullest. -Brother P.W., 17 years old