Saigon is full of old and young entrepreneurs, out to make a large or small fortunes and a better living. These two boys, who live on a houseboat in the Black Canal with six other boys, two fathers of the boys ad four dogs, are collecting empty metal cans, which they then sell to a women who prowls along the canal and in turn sells the cans to a factory for recycling. Here the two boys are haggling with the woman over the price of the day's collection of cans.

Other boys from their houseboat sell balloons.Having missed regular school the boys receive special tuition in an evening school run by a private catholic institution.

Photographer: Ms Dinh Thi Thu Thuy (37), from Ho Chi Minh City. Ms. Thuy works for the Saigon Tiep Thi (Saigon Marketing Magazine). Her tutor was Horst Faas, Associated Press, London.

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