by Joe Jaszewski
Photography Editor
The California Aggie

In 3 weeks, I am going to walk across that stage, shake a few hands, receive a diploma, and walk off. That's it. My formal education is over. On to the real world.

What is going to be "the real world" for me?

I feel pretty well prepared for whatever it may be. I'm an enormously lucky person to be afforded the education that I've enjoyed in the past eighteen years. The encouragement and support I have received from my family and close friends has made me who I am today. Vocationally speaking, three internships, a few awards and a workshop or two have me feeling confident I will be able to find something, eventually.

But do I want to? With a college education under my belt, my youth and nothing to tie me down anywhere, the world is literally mine. Do I want to jump right into the nine-to-five? Or do I want to get out there and explore for a bit?

Honestly, both appeal to me. I wouldn't mind having some money for a change and working for newspapers has always been enjoyable for me. At the same time, there is so much opportunity for me to see and experience things I never have and postponing work is easy to do at this point in my life. Traveling for awhile seems like a good option too.

A couple of my friends will be in Spain in the fall. One says he knows of some great parties on the French Riviera. The other, a fellow photographer, will be studying art at the University of Barcelona. With a year of Spanish in college, I am tempted to head in that direction.

Fortunately I have three months of income to decide what I want to do. Five days after I graduate I will drive up to Tacoma, WA to begin a 12-week internship at the News-Tribune. Who knows what opportunities that will present me, and my situation come September could be different than how I imagine it right now.

After third grade it was fourth grade. After middle school it was high school. After high school it was college. After college, who knows. But I am so fortunate to have so many options.

Spring rain storm, Carmichael, CA. Joe Jaszewski


Joe Jaszewski



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