Sarajevo Symphony cellist Vedran Smajlovic plays Tommaso Albinoni's 'Adagio' for victims of the Serb siege of the city, Lion Cemetery, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, September 1992.

The massacre on Budakovici took place 15 June 1993. Twelve people were killed, a lot wounded. It was one of a whole series of massacres that happened at funerals, and in the war there were 10 thousand funerals. A similar massacre took place at the Lav (Lion) graveyard when in two attacks 17 people were killed and once 4 men were killed and over 70 wounded. Two massacres like that took place on the Turbe graveyard on Bistrik. Two men were killed in one and one in the other. This shows that the funerals were deliberately targeted and that the enemy was trying to revenge himself on the town and the people who were burying their loved ones. I'm sorry to say our imams had to take refuge sometimes even had to jump into the grave, or hide behind the dead so that they could finish the prayers and the funeral rites. For that reason we tried to have as few people as possible attending funerals so there would be fewer victims then we went ever farther and held the funerals at night so that fewer people would be in danger.
Muharem Omeradic'
Head of the Religious and Educational Service of the Islamic Community

Excerpt From: Sarajevo survivor testimonies from OPSADA (The Siege) by FAMA International

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