Sarajevo residents dash across an intersection under fire from a Serb sniper during the siege of the city, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, April 1993.

Although sometimes, living in Sarajevo during the war, we did run the streets like chased wild animals, we had some sort of dignity, and we used to keep each other's company. We felt like people. I can say that we were people with spirit, people who wanted to fight for their freedom in spite of impossible conditions.

The people in Auschwitz were walking shadows, which were moving around according to instinct, for they wanted to survive. It is very difficult to say how successful they actually were, because those were terrible conditions, which did not make possible any form of progress. We were only numbers, people with no name. Our future differed from man to man, and it depended upon our own capacities. These were the power of the body and the power of the soul. From the early morning till the late night everything there was intended to destroy, first the spirit, then the body of a man.
Greta Ferusic'
Retired Professor of Architecture/Auschwitz survivor

Excerpt From: Sarajevo survivor testimonies from OPSADA (The Siege) by FAMA International

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