The Digital Journalist
Warning: This gallery contains graphic images. Parental guidance is advised.
Photograph by Philip Jones Griffiths/Magnum
Single mother, Truong Thi Thuy, 36, with her daughter, Tran Thi Kieu, four, born with no eyes. She is also dumb but has some hearing recognition. She is happy most of the time but when the weather changes she clenches her fists for an hour or more, shouts and pokes at her eye sockets. At birth her head was very soft and she was taken to hospital for rehabilitation. (Her mother could only afford a one month stay.) During the war Thuy lived underground and when she was wounded or burned she was treated in a NVA underground hospital. She remembers being sprayed with white clouds and the NVA soldiers telling the villagers to put wet cloths over their faces.