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Selected photos from Michael O'Brien's The Face of Texas.
© Michael O'Brien

Obie Satterwhite/LULING (1916-1999) - Obie Satterwhite is sorely missed in his home town. Known as the "No. 1 Sports Fan of Luling," Satterwhite rarely missed a football or baseball game at Luling High School. At football games, he could be found in the end zone, waiting to cheer for his team's touchdown, or out on the field, performing with the cheerleaders. At baseball games, it was a tradition for Satterwhite--a catcher in his youth--to throw out the first ball. And he was a fixture at pep rallies.

"They looked for Mr. Obie to cheer," says Satterwhite's daughter, Ada Johnson. "He was known for it."

Before he retired, Satterwhite worked at Davis Food Market, where he did the butchering and barbecuing, and became famous for his homemade sausage. Later, he worked at H.E.B.

"He sang or whistled while he worked," says Johnson, who directed "Brother Satterwhite" in the Friendship Baptist Church choir, where she plays organ and piano. "He even sang in his sleep. My daddy was one of those rare people who truly loved everybody. He always said:'God loves everyone and I love 'em, too.'"