The Digital Journalist
Alex Ambrose Between Monsoons

My photographs from Southeast Asia began with a trip to Cambodia in 1998. It was my first trip to Asia, and my eyes came alive with curiosity. I have always shot with a wandering eye, focusing on timeless images of daily life. Old remnants of urban history, colorful icons, and layers of patterns and textures fascinate me. Throughout Southeast Asia I have been captivated by the beauty of the people and the interior spaces where their lives unfold. History is layered in these rooms with mundane posters, treasured knick-knacks, and decades of wear. These walls and objects breathe with the lives of past generations.

Great distance has separated my life from my subjects' lives, but these photographs were made in appreciation of what we share as people, looking to grow and survive in this world. Everyday I found myself compelled to shoot what was familiar to me: flipping TV channels to ease the boredom of an afternoon, sitting in thoughtful loneliness, daydreaming on a crowded city street, or getting a much-needed haircut. I was drawn to make these images because they were the closest, most sincere, connection I could make. Our lives mingled together in a common moment through the lens and our differences faded away.