The Digital Journalist
Brett Myers Abe

I am the first born of modest parentage from a modest town in one of this country's most modest states. Nearly everybody in my family lives within one half hour of each other, except me. I've strayed away for now (and miss them). I left for college absolutely committed to becoming a photographer. I also wanted to live in a place offering more diversity in thought, religion, employment, race, and ethnicity. New York is magical that way, and it was a playground for me.

This work was part of my senior thesis project focusing on the dreams of senior citizens. A friend whose grandmother lives on the same Brooklyn street introduced me to Abe. Abe is a very interesting man, a widowed, retired dentist who wants the U.S. government to develop a Universal Health Care Program providing adequate health coverage for each of its citizens. His passion for social policy served as a focus for many of our conversations. At first, I had great difficulty marrying the photographs to words and ideas about Abe's dreams. With time I came to realize that the photographs had taken on a meaning of their own. They are in part a sedimentary layer of curiosities, the objects and memories that for whatever reason stay with a person and sometimes gather beneath him.