The Digital Journalist
Colby Katz Miss All-Star

When I was five my father gave me a Polaroid camera to keep me occupied. He didn't realize that I would break it within a few days and that he would be back at the store buying a new one. He was kind enough to keep replacing the cameras, and as a result I ended up falling in love with taking pictures.

I lived in New York City while I was finishing college and loved it. I found myself an apartment in a really bad area of the Bronx so that I could save my money to travel to small towns to shoot what I like. I am always on the lookout for special people. I photograph subjects that are close to me or interest me because of how they project their individuality. Sometimes I get too attached to them, and it becomes hard for me to keep taking their pictures. People I believe to be eccentrics and visionaries are my heroes. This work is drawn from my photographs of women performers.