The Digital Journalist
Jason Goodman Postcards to Bangladesh

My interest in photography started in high school. Later, in college, I became interested in documentary photography. I learned that documentary photography is as much about looking at yourself as it is about looking at others. I learned too that you have to feel photography. While this approach made photography more complicated, it also made it a lot more exciting, made it a dynamic performance. I was challenged also to see the larger story at work in what I was doing.

This group of photos comes from a project about the experiences of Bangladeshi immigrants in New York City. I intended the photographs to communicate not only to a Western audience, but also to people in Bangladesh about their relatives' lives in the United States. I wanted to tell a story and explore a culture that was foreign to me, and I wanted my photos to help people understand one another better. It was a fascinating and wonderful experience. The people I was photographing were as interested in me, and where I came from, as I was in them. These photographs are really a record of our getting to know each other.