The Digital Journalist
Wyatt Gallery Spiritual Sites-A Carribean Study

I grew up with a Jewish mother, a Christian father, went to a Quaker high school, and never understood religion. But in college I began this project out of curiosity, fate, and my lack of familiarity with the power of religious places. One of my goals is to open peoples' eyes to the spirituality that is present in both religious and secular sites but so often goes unseen.

I love to discuss the beliefs of different religions, to learn as a child might while I photograph. I always ask permission and never reposition any objects for a photograph, and I don't believe in traveling quickly through towns "stealing images." I take my time. I like to sit and talk with everyone I meet, use only public transportation, eat where the locals eat, and stay in inexpensive guesthouses. I live as much like the people as I can to better understand how they live.

My projects are totally unplanned, completely led by life and destiny. I try to let the images find me. Lao Tsu wrote, "A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent upon arriving. A good artist lets his intuition lead him wherever it wants."