The Digital Journalist
Dennis Brack
This could have been an important photograph but, fortunately, it wasn't. I was hired by Michael Deaver to cover the first couple of days of the Reagan for President campaign kick-off in 1976. Reagan announced his candidacy in Washington, D.C., and then went to Florida for a midday event. At the rally, the fellow shaking hands with Reagan kept yelling, "Dutch (Reagan's old radio name), good to see you," etc. It didn't take much to know that Reagan would come over and shake his hand (this is not a difficult business to master), so I was in position. Sure enough, Reagan went right to this fellow and things were going quite well until the Secret Service agents saw the gun. They brought both Reagan and the young man with the gun to the ground and the event was over. I never saw the gun and thought that I had missed the picture until I saw the film - there were 11 frames with the gun. Just shows you what you never see at the time. I asked Michael Deaver if I could release the photographs to the press and he said, "NO" - not the message that they wanted to put out. Strange, it was the last time I ever worked for Deaver.