The Digital Journalist
Remembers Ronald Reagan
July, 2004

Recalling the Gipper and Me
When I think back on the eight years of covering the Reagan presidency as Time magazine's Chief White House Photographer, the first thing that comes to my mind is china.
by Dirck Halstead
Remembering Ronald Reagan
When over the years I have been asked to describe what it was like to photograph various presidents, I have explained that I see them as simply human beings - albeit exceptional ones - but not as either Republicans or Democrats.
by Diana Walker
Remembering Ronald Reagan
The other day I was sitting in "Camera 2" on the tarmac at Andrews Air Force Base, waiting for Air Force One to land and for President Bush to motorcade to the Capitol Rotunda to pay his last respects to President Reagan.
by Dennis Brack
Remembering Ronald Reagan
When I first looked through my lens at Ronald Reagan in 1967, I saw a star.
by David Hume Kennerly
Ronald Reagan first caught my attention in 1964 when I was at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario (Canada).
by Michael Evans
President Reagan's Shadow
For five years and seven months, I was one of President Ronald Reagan's shadows.
by Pete Souza
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The Photography Channel
Another Look at Ronald Reagan: His Image and Legacy
The tributes to President Ronald Reagan in recent weeks flowed throughout the media as if a sentimental flood of emotions swept over their holding banks and inundated the nation.
by Patrick Cox, Ph.D.
A Life Remembered In Pictures: Ronald Wilson Reagan
ZUMA Press, Inc., the premier international editorial picture agency and wire service, is proud to announce representation of the visual history of Ronald Wilson Reagan, as captured by his personal photographer, Michael Evans.

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