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Detail, M. Rappaport's Music Store, Jamaica, Queens, August 1997
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FRANK JUMP: Vincenzo's niece from Italy (Concetta) was visiting us in August 97 and asked me how I find these signs. Rather than sit and explain, I suggested we get in the car and I'd show her. We drove from Howard Beach, Queens, up Woodhaven Blvd while I told her about ringing people's doorbells and hanging out of their windows while they held my legs- or talking my way into office buildings in Manhattan with the claim of having an appointment with someone on the thirteenth floor. I spotted a construction site off of Jamaica Avenue and I said it looked promising. I broke the plywood door that was held by a large link chain and there it was. Concetta claimed I had staged the whole thing. She couldn't believe that I had just found it on our little expedition. People from adjacent homes walked into their backyards and told me they were glad someone was documenting the sign. It was covered by a RiteAid pharmacy within weeks after I took the shot.