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Fourteen More Motorcades
The first line on the first page of our 26-page schedule has our pool call time listed as 5:00 am in the president's Cincinnati hotel.
by Brooks Kraft
Dick Cheney's Final Assault Across America
It was a certified nightmare.
by David Hume Kennerly
Note from the Kerry Campaign... At Least I "Think" That's Where I Was...
They pretend to make news, and we pretend to cover it.
by David Burnett


This month, America: politics, baseball, and Mom.

Three exhausted still photographers went the extra mile after logging tens of thousands of miles with the candidates, to write dispatches from deep inside Campaign 2004. Brooks Kraft and David Burnett went down to the wire with President Bush and Senator Kerry while David Hume Kennerly toughed out the backstretch with Vice President Cheney.

Ezra Shaw, of Getty Images, sent his favorite photo of the incredible victory of the Boston Red Sox. Second to almost no one, the photo staff of the Boston Herald sent us their pix. "Being the feisty number 2 paper in Boston keeps us on our toes and very competitive," said photo editor Jim Mahoney. The resulting gallery is called BOSOX.JPG

"Salad Bar," was the nickname of Cpl. William I. Salazar, the first Marine photographer to die in combat since the Vietnam War. AP Photographer Damien Dovarganes snapped a gut-wrenching photo of Salazar's mother on the West Coast the same month Magnum photographer Paul Fusco captured the "Bitter Fruit" of a Gold Star Mother on the East Coast.

The two photos of Moms burying their soldier children close our Dispatch section with what is probably a preview of many more to come.


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