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Children of Poverty. Texas

You may find it surprising that these children were photographed in a community at the southeast border of Dallas. I often regret that I became known more for my foreign assignments than my community work. If the truth were known, one would discover that my dedication to community issues went far beyond overseas travel.

In many cases, I became an activist after finishing a local story. In fact, for these children in Sandbranch, I developed a relationship that has lasted for years. I also organized Christmas present donations for several years after this photo was made and a 30-member workforce to renovate their home. I always believed that I had some duty to give more than just an image to society when possible. I also believed that the life-changing experience of being face-to-face with poverty was important to share with those who would never see it without a guide. It was important that people in other sectors of society understand that the poor exist within their community and - better still - that something could be done about it.