The Digital Journalist
Pedro Linger Gasiglia
NICARAGUA. Chichigalpa, 1998
"Jocelyne's warm & engaging presence wouldn't go unnoticed. She really was stubborn. I was nineteen when we met, had just arrived from Nicaragua .. Arturo Robles insisted I go see her. A few weeks after our encounter, she called to offer me a job at JB pictures, opening envelopes with returns from the magazines, like an ant immersed in a sea of images. As a foreigner with no other than a broken English and some images, I felt welcomed and trusted, and for this alone, I will always be grateful to her. At 74th street, most days everyone would take turns to cook lunch; with the food on the table we engaged in lively conversations as phones were ringing in the background. This mid-day ritual kept us all at a human level.

After JB pictures closed and with it part of her life in New York, I frequently visited her in Wainscot, to install an exhibit she had at the gallery, to spend time with her, to bring my box of prints, to share accomplishments and doubts, being, as we were, in different moments in life. Jocelyne would create moments of joy while we figured out how to flip a crepe without letting it fall. She had a refined taste and sharp opinions, no bullshit with her. She certainly had her own sense of rhythm, always willing to appreciate the beauty in others, hearing inside, trying to remain truthful. For many moments that stays with me & others still present. I will miss her."