The Digital Journalist
James Nubile
Bosnia, 1996
"With Jocelyne there were not a lot of grays. She wasn't one for the middle. More often than not, the answer to a question or request was "no" (She had her reasons). Your pictures were bad or great if she said they were "OK," it meant that she didn't care much for your effort and you went on her shit-list (a place every JB photographer had occasion to visit). She could inflate your ego like nobody else and she could suck all the air out of your sails with one pointed remark (She had her reasons for doing that too).

Jocelyne expected and appreciated effort from you that was your end of the bargain. Her end of the bargain was to sell you as the greatest gift to photography the world had ever seen. You could get no bigger smile out Jocelyne than after she just scored you a $3,000 advance. That's what made the planets line up in her world great, relevant photography and someone willing to pay (top dollar) for it.

I came to JB Pictures as a B&W photographer and Jocelyne made it her mission to turn me into a competent color photographer. It wasn't easy for either of us! For years, she discouraged me from shooting B&W. One of my last stories as a JB photographer was in Bosnia. She had recently given me her old Leica. Before I left, she said, "Bring the Leica, it can be your B&W camera." I smiled. Of course, she scored me a $3,000 advance. She smiled (I did too!)."