The Digital Journalist
Tony Savino
Possessed by St. Jacques, Plaine Du Nord, Haiti 1996
"I had joined JB Pictures after working with a couple of the (then) large French agencies. In those days photographers didn't command much respect from them. They often strongly suggested that you do an assignment, usually on spec. To remain in their good graces you didn't say no.

With Jocelyne it was like a breath of creative fresh air. She gave you feedback on your work. And most importantly, when you wanted to do a story, she'd always seem to find the money to do it.

In 1995 I got married in Haiti. I can't remember what it was, but something political was happening as there were many photographers in town that came to the wedding. I do remember that I didn't have much of a honeymoon because Jocelyne kept calling me with assignments.

I was awoken one morning with a very upset Jocelyne calling me to tell me that the merger with Liason wasn't going to work out and that she was going to close the agency. I was paralyzed. I didn't shoot for weeks. I felt it was the end of photojournalism as I had known it; and it was.

Jocelyne and I remained friends, we'd send each other funny emails and often brainstormed about ways to get work seen, from websites to different on-line printers we might use to self-publish limited editions of books. We last talked a couple of months ago about collaborating on a gallery/coffee house in Newburgh, NY, in an old shell of a building I had wanted to rehab.

I got a funny email the other day, and I keep wanting to pass it on to Jocelyne."