The Digital Journalist
Death of a Pope, from ground level
The skies above the eternal city must have vibrated at night with digitalized voices booming into the galaxy to be bounced back down to hometowns across America.
by John Arden
Burial of the Pope, from the gallery
The massive basilica, designed by Bramante and Michelangelo, was nearly silent save for the sounds of shuffling feet and the unfortunate clacking of our shutters.
by Mario Tama
Polio Rebounds in Nigeria
Polio, in Nigeria, is politics
by Chris Hondros


Dispatches from two parts of the world this month: Rome, Italy, where extensive news coverage of the death of the Pope had been planned for years, and Kano, Nigeria, where reports on the gigantic effort to reverse the outbreak of polio are only now beginning to trickle in. From the ground at the Vatican, to the dirt in Africa, three perspectives from journalists doing a job. The same, but different.


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