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Denise Bibro Fine Art Gallery, 529 W 20th Street, 4th Floor, Chelsea, NYC, in collaboration with Magnum Photos, Trolley Books and the non-profit Artists for Humanity (AFH), is pleased to host a benefit exhibition of Magnum photographer Philip Jones-Griffiths' unforgettable work from over five decades on the front lines of world conflict. Tackling love, death, frivolity, politics and violence, Griffiths' photographs comment profoundly on virtually every aspect of human emotion. Beginning in his native Wales, the exhibit traces Griffiths compelling journey through the British presence in Northern Ireland, colonialism in Rhodesia, the Algerian & Yum Kippur wars, the Vietnam War, and, both here and in Viet Nam, the post-war era; a powerful collection of black-and-white photographs , wall texts and audio-visual aids, creating a gripping and indelible view of both the devastation and, ironically, the beauty of our time.

One of the world's premier photographers, Griffiths is perhaps best known for his seminal VIETNAM INC, generally regarded as one of the finest collections of photographs to come out of that long war. He has followed that classic with his books DARK ODYSSEY; AGENT ORANGE, 'COLLATERAL DAMAGE' IN VIET NAM; and, his latest, VIET NAM AT PEACE - signed copies of which will be available at the exhibit. In addition, he is currently working on a book on Cambodia. The Gallery, Magnum, Trolley Books and AFH are thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase the work of this supremely gifted artist, as well as raise support for an issue close to his heart: getting assistance to victims of Agent Orange.

President of Magnum for a record five years, Philip has also worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life for many of the subjects in his photos. The names & literature of agencies working with Agent Orange victims will be provided at the Gallery, as well as an attendant exhibit of color photos by former Vietnamese street-children mentored by STREETVISION-VN, a project of the London-based charity Photovoice (

The gallery will host GALLERY TALK on "Photojournnalism and War" Thursday, September 15th, 8 PM with Philip Jones Griffiths. The public is invited to attend. Come meet Philip Jones-Griffiths and friends at the Opening Reception, September 8, 2005, from 6-8 PM, at the Denise Bibro Gallery, 529 West 20th Street, 4th Floor; Tel. (212) 647-7030/ f. 647-7031