The Digital Journalist
Digital Railroad Announcement:
What's New
October 2005

by Scott Braut


I am happy to announce that some new features have been added to your archive, with many more currently under development.

You now have the ability to syndicate images via FTP and to create a new folder at the destination server when the images are sent. In the past, you would send images into an existing directory. This new feature provides you with more flexibility in organizing your images when you send them via FTP to your clients and representatives. You can view this functionality when you syndicate a group.

We've also added color and metadata enhancements to optimize the compatibility of our system with different software and viewing platforms. These enhancements will increase the color consistency of images across browsers and platforms.

One of our ongoing projects is to scale our infrastructure. We're receiving an exciting amount of interest in our platform. As an increased number of photographers and agencies subscribe to our service, we're adding more terabytes of storage, more processing hardware and additional system processes to handle the increase in image uploads and syndications.

Features that are currently under development – and "coming soon" – include:

• Image sequencing: the ability to set the order of images within a group as those images will appear to visitors.

• Batch actions: the ability to perform more batch actions on selected images, such as rotate, add to lightbox, etc.

We have many more features being planned and under development, and a growing team to build on these tools with your needs in mind. We always appreciate your feedback. Please send feature comments to and support inquiries to

© Scott Braut
Director of Product and Photo Services

Digital Railroad, Inc.