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The Reality of Pakistan
I am sitting in my house in Tehran watching 'Sex and the City' on a DVD, which sometimes can make you really happy in this town.
by Newsha Tavakolian
Open Wound
When the earth violently shook on Oct. 8 there was no one to hold accountable, just a foreboding sense of helplessness and the hope that media coverage would lead to greater international aid.
by Kate Brooks
Me and Joseph Duo
He's been an inextricable part of my life for more than two years now but I'd never known his name, his age or anything else about him.
by Chris Hondros


The October 8 earthquake in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan caused massive devastation. The earth moved, houses collapsed and schools crushed students. Whole towns were destroyed.

Thousands of people still cling to life: living outdoors while the weather becomes colder.

Two photojournalists write of their work in the area. Katherine Brooks and Newsha Tavakolian speak of the complications and ethical decisions all journalists must face.

In this month's Update, Chris Hondros revisits Liberia to discover the identity of a government army commander whom he photographed two-and-a-half years ago during the war. He originally wrote about his experience in his August 2003 Digital Journalist Dispatch, "Cry Monrovia."

Marianne Fulton
Senior Editor

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