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© Ted Jackson/The New Orleans Times Picayune
A RAY OF HOPE From the beginning, authorities refused to let most of us into the Superdome. On Wednesday after the storm, David Grunfeld and I were told by Houston Chronicle photographer Melissa Phillip that she had been given a tour, albeit with limited access. David and I circled the building looking for a chance for the same tour, but instead found an open door with a few people coming out. We quickly ducked inside and found ourselves surprisingly free to roam. We crept around the endless corridors lined with evacuees. We gasped on the putrid air while trying to avoid the authorities. As we gazed down on the field from the terrace level, suddenly the sun outside broke through the clouds. A beam of light shone down through one of the two gaping holes in the roof. David and I looked at each other and smiled. There was a feeling of a divine presence amid the stench and despair.