The Digital Journalist
© Ted Jackson/The New Orleans Times Picayune
WAR ZONE Upon hearing of the melee at the New Orleans Convention Center, a small group of photographers banded together for safety. As we approached the mob-filled Convention Center Boulevard, we quickly tried to assess the danger. We were all ready to cut and run. Instead, people started shouting, "The media's here. They'll show what's going on." I've never, ever been welcomed like this. We had agreed to stick together, but were quickly separated as people grabbed us and tugged in opposite directions. "You've got to see this." "Shoot a picture of this," they said. My guide was Angela Perkins. She showed me around, took me inside the building. I was still very aware of the potential danger but I felt safer with Angela. She was my entree. Even so, I shot quickly and kept thinking, "get the pictures and get out." We began calling it a war zone.