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Charlize Theron --- Image by © Andrew Macpherson/Corbis Outline

Charlize Theron on Andrew Macpherson:

By Elodie Mailliet / © Corbis Outline

Andrew is such an amazing human being, so warm and welcoming. Over the years of working with him, I have grown to consider him a close friend.

Every time we get to work together, he makes me feel so comfortable. Andrew truly understands how this comfort level is key to getting the most out of me. Of all the shoots we have done together, the GQ one is my favorite. Andrew captured my mood that day so perfectly. He created an ambiance that celebrated what I was feeling. We were on the beach, it was beautiful and I felt so free.

What makes Andrew unique as a photographer is the fact that he, as a true artist, captures what's within you and doesn't try to manipulate anything at all. This is probably why one of my favorite pictures is the headshot with my hair tousled, which he took that day for GQ. This image feels so fresh, not forced.

Photography has played an important role in my career. It is a true art form. I have such intense admiration for photographers and cinematographers, and I feel extremely lucky to have known so many geniuses in the course of my work.