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ca. 2003 --- Actress Nicole Kidman. Dress by Gianfranco Ferre; jewelry by Neil Lane; shoes by Jimmy Choo. --- Image by © James White/Corbis Outline

Nicole Kidman on James White

By Elodie Mailliet / © Corbis Outline

It was just before Christmas. I remember I was about to go home for the holidays with my family, and this shoot came together very quickly, somewhat miraculously.

That day, I was so impressed by how prepared James was. He had the whole session already worked out in his head so that, during the time we had together, I could focus on connecting with him and understanding his vision. James was very generous, warm, and open.

When I saw the finished pictures, I was thrilled. James had brought incredible texture, depth, and richness of color. Each shot had such radiance and glow. These photographs are still among my favorites ever taken of me.