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(Newsha Tavakolian/Polaris)
BEIRUT, LEBANON, July 22, 2006: A woman scribbles a note to Iran's president on a blackboard: " Mr. Ahmadinejad, come and help us" ... "We Love Iran."
U.N. emergency relief chief Jan Egeland has condemned Israeli air strikes that have devastated much of Beirut, saying the massive bombings violate humanitarian law. Egeland, who was on a relief mission to Lebanon, visited the city on Sunday and called for an end to the violence on the twelfth day of Israeli strikes on Lebanon and Hezbollah rocket attacks on Israel. "It's terrible. I see a lot of children wounded, homeless, suffering. This is a war where civilians pay a disproportionate price in Lebanon and northern Israel. I hadn't believed it would be block by block leveled to the ground," Egeland told reporters. "A disproportionate response by Israel is a violation of international humanitarian law."///A women writes: " Mr Ahmadinejad come and help us" "We Love Iran" on a blackboard.

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