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Reza / Webistan
Afghanistan. Nuristan. May 1985: "Traveling offers you many a destiny and gives wings to your heart." (James Rumford) - Pakistan was far behind me. My feet were suffering from weeks of walking, from hiking up mountain slopes, from the harshness of the weather, and from the lack of rest. I was exhausted, worn out from the physical effort, the lack of food, and the unrelenting tension we felt at the idea of falling prey to an ambush. Nevertheless, I continued to move forward, encouraged by the desire to reach the Panjshir Valley and the leader of the Afghan resistance against the Russian Army, young Commander Massoud. I found myself in front of one of nature's gifts, where the Himalayan Mountains meet those of the Hindu Kush. Upon my arrival in a village, children rushed around me, as they often do, imitating the photographer. Their laughter, their warmth and their spontaneous friendliness erased any trace of discouragement.