The Digital Journalist
© Henry Diltz
Early Bruce Springsteen: My old friend Chip Monck once again asked me to join him in San Francisco in 1973. He was setting up for a Columbia Records convention. I documented all the rigging activity for several days and then got to stand in the balcony overlooking the star-studded show. I loved the pirate aspect of being uncredentialed, my presence completely unknown to the record company, but with the best spot in the house, up by the lighting board. I snapped away in secret as Bonnie & Delaney, Kris Kristofferson, Art Garfunkel, and the OJs entertained. Then out came this scruffy little guy with big sunglasses and a wife-beater undershirt and I thought, "What's this?" I didn't want to see or hear this guy. I thought I'd better take a couple frames anyway. It was Bruce Springsteen before anyone had ever heard the name. I should have taken more.