The Digital Journalist
© Henry Diltz
America is a group I have photographed often. I have done seven of their album covers and even played banjo on one of their songs, "Don't Cross The River." For this picture, which was used on their "Hat Trick" album, we rode horses through an Indian reservation to an oasis in the middle of the desert. There were palm trees and a spring-fed pond with hundreds of frogs which sang at night. My partner Gary had wanted to bring a large mirror to lay on the ground to look like peering into a hole. Our first evening there Dewey climbed a nearby hill to watch bats flying around. Gary sent the other two along with the mirror. I watched through a telephoto lens as they walked along in silhouette, when suddenly I saw a bright light flashing in the mirror. It was the moon rising over the hill behind me and visible only from the top of their hill. I yelled for them to stop and got this shot between sunset and moonrise. One of my favorites.